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The Watershed Science Laboratory operates a fleet of 8 canoes that can be trailered throughout the region, an inflatable packraft suitable for backpacking into remote field sites, and a small outboard powered Zodiac inflatable boat. Watercraft are used to support educational activities, conduct field research, and support community efforts. In addition, we maintain a multi-parameter water quality probe and a wide variety of water sampling equipment, sediment grab and core samplers, automatic levels and a total station for surveying operations, and stream-flow meters. The Watershed Science Laboratory can conduct stream surveys, bathymetric surveys of lakes and reservoirs, gather water quality data, and collect water and sediment samples from both local and remote sites.

Laboratory facilities are geared towards both core sediment analysis and water quality analysis. We operate specialized equipment for splitting, photographing, and magnetic susceptibility logging of sediment cores in addition to standardized equipment (ovens, furnace, balances, etc.) for sample preparation. The lab operates a SEAL AQ-1 discrete analyzer for high precision chemical analysis of water samples and extractions from soil and sediment samples. Water sample analyses include nitrate + nitrite, ammonia, total nitrogen, total phosphorous, orthophosphorous, chloride, silica, and total dissolved solids. Soil and sediment capabilities include particle size, organic content (loss-on-ignition), phosphorous, nitrate + nitrite, biogenic silica, diatoms, charcoal, magnetic susceptibility.

Contact Professor Tim Cook to inquire about use of Watershed Lab facilities or for information about contract services.

486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602

Phone: (508) 929.8574