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Map Window - open source GIS software. Windows based GIS software, fairly simple to learn but still quite powerful, somewhat buggy

QGIS - very powerful open source GIS software that runs on any operating system. very good user following with wide support network

MapsData Online File Converter - free, very easy to use, online processing tools for converting geospatial data. Easily produce Google Earth KML files from many different data sources.

ImageJ - open source image analysis software, very powerful

R - free statistical computing and graphics software environment

CALIB - Radiocarbon age calibration software from Queen's University, Belfast

OxCal - Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit. Radiocarbon age calibration software and background information on radiocarbon dating.

CLAM - Classical Age-Depth modeling program (runs in R) for developing age-depth models for sediment cores with radiocarbon ages


Massachusetts Watershed Coalition

The Environmental Analysis Laboratory - UMass Amherst Water Resources Research Center laboratory specializing in analysis of water samples

The Practical Guide to Lake Management in Massachusetts

MA COLAP - Massachusetts Congress of Lake and Pond Associations

Mass Lakes & Ponds Progam - official Department of Conservation website

WPI Water Resource Outreach Center

Blackstone River Watershed Association

Blackstone Headwaters Coalition

Blackstone River Coalition

Tatnuck Brook Watershed Association

Coes Zone Task Force

Friends of Patch Reservoir

486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602

Phone: (508) 929.8574