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JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 2016

(Registration is now full)

Ideas and tools for integrating research experiences and real data into science classrooms. This workshop is appropriate for both middle and high school teachers in a variety of fields nterested in incorporating real-world environmental science data into their classes and disovering tools for working with and exploring big data. 

Participants will be introduced to the WSU Watershed Science Laboratory’s real-time autonomous environmental monitoring network and online resources for accessing and exploring the meteorological, water quality, and stream flow data that it generates. Additional activities will include hands-on field work and laboratory investigations focused on interdisciplinary aspects of river and lake environments, including collection and analysis of water and sediment samples and the use of online and open source GIS applications.

Data science tasks will explore options for solving problems using a variety of different methods. Participants will be introduced to the data analysis tools Python, R, SQL and more. Activities will cover basic statistical data analysis, data mining, and data visualization problems as well as the differences among them. 

Workshop will be led by WSU faculty from the Department of Earth, Environment, and Physics (Tim Cook and Bill Hansen) and Computer Sciences Department (Elena Braynova and Karl Wurst)

No Cost / up to $500 Stipend Available

Earn Professional Development Points (PDPs) or  Graduate Academic Credits 

For questions or more information please contact professor Tim Cook:

486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602

Phone: (508) 929.8574